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Frequently Asked Questions

Our resident contracts usually can be for either 3 month duration or 6 months with an option to extend further if both parties agree.

Yes, use of the swimming pool & gymnasium is acceptable so long as you do not use during peak hours. Please remember that the guest must come first.

Yes, All return economy flights back to your country of origin are paid for and you are allowed a certain amount of cargo for your equipment as well however, your cargo allowance may differ depending on your contract as some clients offer more and some not quite as much. Please check what allowance you have in your contract.

Basic medical care is taken care of but if anything serious happens or you have to have any type of surgery will not be covered. Similarly musical equipment is covered if your equipment is damaged due to the fault of the employer however, please be aware that we strongly advise you to have your own personal insurance cover for both medical & your musical equipment.

Your accommodation throughout the duration of your resident contract is provided to you. This may however differ from client to client depending on their company policies. For instance some 5 star hotel clients will provide a room in the hotel and others will provide an outside fully furnished apartment close to the venue. All accommodation differs but is perfectly acceptable, clean & well maintained. Laundry facilities are always given either by way of a washing machine in the apartment or a laundry service is provided if you’re staying in the hotel.

Drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden during your working hours. Professionalism is paramount and common sense must prevail. In most cases the legal drinking age in most of the 5 star hotels that we provide entertainment to throughout the Middle East and SE Asia is 21 years old. You should be mindful of these at all times.

As with all of our resident contracts 3 meals a day per person will be provided or a monthly cash food allowance will be given to you to cover the cost. This differs depending on the employers food allowance policy. Please check your contract.

In all resident contracts internet is either supplied in the hotel room or the accommodation that you are given. In some cases however, use of the internet can be in the public areas of the hotel only.

In most cases yes, however, you should understand that any and all costs relating to their visit should be taken care of by you as you would be responsible for them. You should also understand that guests staying in the company provided accommodation is sometimes either not allowed or inappropriate. Please check before your visitors come.

There should be no reason why your contract is terminated early unless in cases of extreme misdemeanor causing a breach in your contract. ie being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, fighting & theft etc this will be clearly indicated in your contract. You should be aware that If you breach your contract it carries a consequence. However, these cases are rare. Moral of the story is to be professional at all times.

Salaries vary from client to client but mostly they range from $2,000USD to $3,000USD net per person per month free of all taxes. Creative Entertainment charges 20% commission deducted at source.

In most cases you would only be required to bring the bare minimum with you, ie guitar and effects, keyboards, small sub mixer, extra cables, extra microphones, cymbals, spare snare, bass drum pedal all backline equipment, stage, stage lighting and PA equipment is provided.

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